Sunday, June 10, 2012

JIAM2012 Photo: 10

You may have seen some of the photos from the APA Audie Awards as tuxedo-clad gentlemen posed for their promo shots with a glass of champagne in one hand and a bedazzled woman on their arm; or conversely a stunning woman with a brilliant smile with a bemused husband by her side... In many of these pictures, you will notice one or more of the subjects wearing a medallion. No, they are not visiting ambassadors from obscure countries; but Audie Award nominees! 

I'm not sure when the tradition of handing out medallions to the nominees first started; but I do know that the first couple of years, my husband kept turning his back in, thinking they weren't to keep. Then he brought them home; and now he doesn't anymore again because they take up space and weight in his luggage which is better allocated to bringing home little blue boxes from Tiffany's. Also, because the medallions don't cite the year or the nomination and are therefore  indistinguishable from one year to the next, they amount to little more than a shiny souvenir.

True Story: Last year I was told to hold on to a bunch of the medallions until the Blackstone nominees came in. I was standing next to the incredibly suave and charming Robin Sachs. I cannot for the life of me remember what happened to fluster me: it could have been Robin Sachs himself (he can say the most outrageous things! ;-) or just a matter of trying juggle medallions and hors d'oeuvres and stuff; but I ended up dropping and scattering the medallions onto the marble floors of the Times Building anteroom, causing many people to turn their heads and interrupting a pitch one person was giving  the company studio director (and for which she still apparently hasn't forgiven me because she still brings it up; but in all fairness for which the studio director is still thanking me)! Yes, that's me, full of grace and elegance :-D

Anyway, so what do we do with them? For awhile they were sitting in a drawer. Then my daughter found them and used them to create safety harnesses for various stuffed animals for a zip line she set up in our house. Yeah, I know, it sounds disrespectful;, yeah. I got nothin' in my defense.

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