Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where are You Reading? Challenge Wrap Up

The Where are You Reading? Challenge was hosted by Sheila at her blog, Book Journey. The idea was to read a book set in each of the fifty states. I didn't make it; but I gave it an ernest effort and I had a lot of fun playing with the google map! I read/listened to 69 titles across 30 states and the District of Columbia and, posted 27 reviews:
  • AL: The Most They Ever Had (written and narrated by Rick Bragg)
  • AK: Caribou Island (by David Vann; narrated by Bronson Pinchot)
  • AR: Shakespeare's Landlord (by Charlaine Harris; narrated by Julia Gibson)
  • AZ: 3:10 to Yuma (by Elmore Leonard; narrated by Henry Rollins)
  • CA: When the Killing's Done (by T.C. Boyle; narrated by Anthony Heald)
  • CA: The Haunting of Hill House (by Shirley Jackson; narrated by Bernadete Dunne)
  • CA : Psycho (by Robert Bloch; narrated by Paul Michael Garcia)
  • CA: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Volume #1: The Long Way Home (by Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty)
  • CO: Columbine (by Dave Cullen; narrated by Don Leslie)
  • CT: Deep Down True (by Juliette Fay; narrated by Robynn Rodriguez)
  • CT: Dead Man's Switch (by Tammy Kaehler; narrated by Nicole Vilencia)
  • CT: Unexpectedly, Milo (by Matthew Dicks)
  • CT: Happy Ever After (by Nora Roberts)
  • CT: Hellboy: Volume #2: Wake the Devil (by Mike Mignola)
  • CT: Hellboy: Volume #3: The Chained Coffing and Other Stories (by Mike Mignola)
  • DC: A Simple Act of Violence (by R.J. Ellory; narrated by Kevin Kenerly)
  • DE: West of Rehobeth (by Alex D. Pate; narrated by Dion Graham)
  • FL: Nature Girl (by Carl Hiaasen; narrated by Lee Adams)
  • FL: The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady (by Elizabeth Stuckey French)
  • FL: The Shawl (by Cynthia Ozick)
  • GA: A Quiet Belief in Angels (by R.J. Ellory; narrated by Mark Bramhall)
  • GA: The Walking Dead: Volume #2: Miles Behind Us (by Robert Kirkman et al)
  • GA: The Walking Dead: Volume #3: Safety Behind Bars (by Robert Kirkman et al)
  • HI: Unfamiliar Fishes (writtten and narrated by Sarah Vowell)
  • IL: The Last Striptease (by Michael Wiley; narrated by Johnny Heller)
  • IL: Death Masks (by Jim Butcher; narrated by James Marsters)
  • IL: Blood Rites (by Jim Butcher; narrated by James Marsters)
  • KY: The Walking Dead: Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (by Robert Kirkman et al)
  • MA: A Drink Before the War (by Dennis Lehane; narrated by Jonathan Davis)
  • MA: Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? (by Steven Tyler with David Dalton; narrated by Jeremy Davidson)
  • MA: The Vices (by Lawrence Douglas)
  • MA: House Arrest (by Ellen Meeropol)
  • MA: The Handmaid's Tale (by Margaret Atwood)
  • MD: Countdown (by Jonathan Maberry; narrated by Ray Porter)
  • MD: Patient Zero (by Jonathan Maberry; narrated by Ray Porter)
  • MD: Zero Tolerance (by Jonathan Maberry; narrated by Ray Porter)
  • MI: Big Girl, Small (by Rachel DeWoskin; narrated by Christine Williams)
  • ME: Carrie (by Stephen King; narrated by Sissy Spacek)
  • ME: Maine (by J. Courtney Sullivan)
  • ME: Hell House (by Richard Matheson; adapted by Ian Edgington; illustrated by Thomas Fraser)
  • ME: The Taker (by Alma Taksu)
  • MN: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (by Joanne Fluke; narrated by Suzanne Toren)
  • MN: Shiver (by Maggie Stiefvater; narrated by Jenna Lamia and David LeDoux)
  • MO: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (by Mark Twain)
  • MO: The Adventures of HUckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain)
  • MO: Finn (by Jon Clinch)
  • MS: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (by Tom Franklin; narrated by Kevin Kenerly)
  • NJ: Hotel for Dogs (by Lois Duncan; narrated by Katy Kellgren)
  • NJ: The Plot Against America (by Philip Roth)
  • NY: Rip Van Winkle (by Washington Irving; narrated by Christian Rummel)
  • NY: The Ghost of Greenwich Village (by Lorna Graham; narrated by Nicole Vilencia)
  • NY: Live and Let Die (by Ian Flaming; narrated by Simon Vance)
  • NY: Diamonds are Forever (by Ian Flaming; narrated by Simon Vance)
  • NY: A Visit from the Goon Squad (by Jennifer Egan)
  • NY: Fables: Volume #3: Storybook Love (by Bill Willingham et al)
  • NY: Fables: Volume #4: March of the Wooden Soldiers (by Bill Willingham et al)
  • NY: Fables: Volume #5: The Mean Seasons (by Bill Willingham et al)
  • NY: Fables: Volume #6: Homelands (by Bill Willingham et al)
  • NY: We the Animals (by Justin Torres)
  • NY: By Nightfall (by Michael Cunningham)
  • OK: True Grit (by Charles Portis; narrated by Donna Tartt)
  • OK: Ready Player One (by Ernest Cline; narrated by Wil Wheaton)
  • PA: Lily's Wedding Quilt (by Kelly Long; narrated by Christine Williams)
  • TN: The Improper Life of Bezilla Grove (by Susan Gregg Gilmore)
  • UT: Jitters: A Quirky Little Audio Book (by Adele Park; performed by Adele Park, Susan Paige Lane, Paige Allred, Kristen Henley, Desiree Whitehead, Garry Morris, John Gobson, Steve Coppola, Christine Hyatt, Dave Cochran, Chase Nichter, Tim Porter, Doug Caputo, RickPickett and, Guy Smith)
  • VA: The Reservoir (by John Miliken Thompson)
  • VT: Double Black (by Wendy Clinch)
  • VT: Secrets of Eden (by Chris Bohjalian)
  • WA: A Spark of Death (by Bernadette Pajer; narrated by Malcolm Hillgartner)

And this is the map!

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I ended up included pins for every book I read/listened-to so there are plenty of pins set in foreign countries too!