Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Patient Zero

Patient Zero
by Jonathan Maberry
narrated by Ray Porter
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
14.75 hours

Patient Zero is the action-packed, high-octane thriller about Joe Ledger and his team of elite fighters who battle zombies and attempt to save the world! Jonathan Maberry combines mil-fic, action-adventure and horror in a cliche-ridden (but nonetheless effective) story of cinematic excess . Every bullet, jujutsu move and gaping maw is detailed in this novel about impacts: the impact of decisions made for monetary gain; the impact of causes motivated by religious fanaticism; the impact of a hollow point when it penetrates the skull; the impact of a hand chop to various body parts; the impact of having to bear witness to something so horrifying that it impacts your psyche; the deeper impact of having to do something so horrifying it impacts your very soul...

The facet of Joe's ego that he self-identifies as "The Warrior" dominates the story and the tone of the writing. There is absolutely nothing subtle about Maberry's writing and, in and of itself it is rather formulaic; but the formula works and, it is entertaining and fun.

There is plenty of action, a little humor, a tender moment or two and, lots of suspense. The unrelenting pace drives home the imperative that constant threat must be met with constant vigilance, however tiresome it might be.

Ray Porter is quintessentially Joe Ledger, reflecting the character's toughness, humor, anger and doubt perfectly; but more than that, Ray Porter makes narration sound easy. There is a naturalness to the narration that lends credence to
the highest compliment paid: "Ray Porter IS Joe Ledger" - a perhaps overused and simplistic statement, but nonetheless true. Hooah.

Other Stuff: I borrowed a library-CD edition of this audiobook from Blackstone Audio, Inc. Patient Zero is the first full-length novel in the Joe Ledger sequence. "Countdown" is the short story listed as a prequel to Patient Zero, and can be found as part of the short story collection, Joe Ledger: The Missing Files or; it can be dnloaded individually.
n.b. "Countdown" is not really a prequel so much as it is a previous version of the first chapter of Patient Zero.

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This book also qualifies for the What's in Name? Challenge #4 hosted at BethFishreads. Patient Zero is an audiobook with a [number] in the title, "Zero."

This book also qualifies for the Where Are You Reading? Challenge hosted by Sheila at her blog, Book Journey. Patient Zero is has scenes set in Baltimore, Maryland.
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