Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Shoes

There are days, days when modern technology defeats me, my husband buys an ugly green couch behind my back, other parents seem to think their kids are some sort of entry in a life contest, the book I'm reading is quickly heading for the DNF pile... or, for the purposes of this story, you get stood up on a virtual movie date. Last October, there was supposed to be a live tweet-up of The Amityville Horror (directed by Stuart Rosenberg; starring Josh Brolin, Margot Kidder and Rod Steiger.) For whatever reason it didn't happen. So, left to my own devices, iPhone and third party twitter app in hand, I went out to dinner with my husband to an Italian restaurant. To be honest, the restaurant wasn't that good; but the bar served mongo drinks, drinks with presence. I actually don't remember the particulars of the drink I tried, except that I'm pretty sure it involved vodka, pomegranate juice and some other high sugar-content mixers that would ensure maximum alcohol saturation. I think I had two of these cocktails (I wasn't driving - because my husband was with me and for some reason he always drives - like somehow my mundane ability to parallel park is thwarted in the face of his Kryptonite-mad driving skillz... but I digress.) Anyway, like I said, I wasn't driving and I was drinking and I wasn't watching a really bad horror flick from thirty years ago and even though I had had a couple of most excellent cocktails, I was still feeling vaguely dissatisfied. My husband and I went home and it was still early enough that we weren't going to bed; but late enough we weren't going start a movie. So that left me with the internet. And I went shoe shopping. And this is what I got:

Ralph Lauren, Fareeda, Black, Oiled Suede

And this is what they cost: $150.00. Now I realize in this day and age $150 is not a lot to pay for a pair of shoes; but all things are relative. But this is the thing, they were advertised as having four-inch heels, which is pretty daring for me since I haven't worn anything but flats since 9/11. When the shoes arrived, I actually took a tape measure to these boots and they actually add close to six inches to my height. Why is all this important? Because baby, these shoes have changed my life! Now when Other People seem to lock in on my office and startle me with their absurdities, when my sexy iPhone turns into a sexy iBrick, when my daughter somehow manages to lose another sweatshirt, whatever... I put on the shoes. I can take charge, I tower over Other People and my problems and, vanquish them all. I become empowered. I kick ass. I take names. I become a Woman of Presence. Oh yeah, and baby? I'm driving.


Adriana Trigliani is hosting a Special Contest for Lunch and a Walking Tour of Greenwich Village with Adriana Trigliani. Click on the link for full details.

BTW, Adriana, if we end up having lunch together, I am definitely wearing the shoes; BUT I am also taking a pair of sneakers with me for the walking part. Just saying... :-)

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