Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zero Tolerance

"Zero Tolerance"
by Jonathan Maberry
narrated by Ray Porter
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
.75 hours

What the hell did Sergeant Harper do? Pay Attention! Because what starts out to be another cinematically driven action-adventure episode in the Patient Zero canon, turns into something much subtler, only hinted at at the end of the full length novel. This elegantly constructed short story will have you drawing a sharp intake of breath as you realize what Maberry has done: taken the moral ambiguity from Patient Zero to a whole new level. "Zero Tolerance" is described as a sequel to the full length novel, a tying-up of loose ends; but that's arguable. Patient Zero ended and you could go on without feeling like you've missed anything if you didn't listen to this short; but don't. This is Maberry at his finest: concentrated in form and function.

Ray Porter is the narrator of the Patient Zero series and no one could do it better. Whether it's a whispered caress in the ear or the all out assault on a target, Ray Porter delivers the ful range of the characters', and the story's, voice.

Other Stuff: I borrowed a MP3-CD copy of Joe Ledger: The Missing Files from Blackstone Audio, Inc. There are five short stories in the collection: "Countdown" (precursor to the full-length novel, Patient Zero), "Zero Tolerance" (follow-up to Patient Zero), "Deep Dark"(prequel to the full-length novel, The Dragon Factory), "Dog Days"(follow-up to The Dragon Factory) and "Material Witness" (a crossover to The Pine Deep Trilogy.) I split up the mp3 files on the CD into the five groupings that made up each story; but each story is available separately as a digital dnload.

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This book also qualifies for the What's in Name? Challenge #4 hosted at BethFishreads.Patient Zero is an audiobook with a [number] in the title, "Zero."

This book also qualifies for the Where Are You Reading? Challenge hosted by Sheila at her blog, Book Journey. Patient Zero is has scenes in Baltimore, Maryland.
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