Monday, June 6, 2011

Casino Royale

Casino Royale
by Ian Fleming
narrated by Simon Vance
4.6 hours

Casino Royale is the first published adventure of James Bond. The difference between Ian Fleming Bond and Hollywood's Bond is shocking! Ian Fleming's 007 is a cold, calculating, misogynistic agent hardly immune to the vicissitudes of his trade. Casino Royale is a short novel pitting Bond against LeChiffre (a SMERSH agent) at the baccarat tables in Royale, France. The tension builds as the fates of both men ride on the flip of a card... Ultimately, as far removed from the sexy playboys of Broccoli's productions as this Bond is, this Bond is much more character-rich and interesting. Simon Vance is delivers the drama with suaveness, dropping foreign phrases casually and overall with the sophistication expected of a cosmopolitan agent.

Other Stuff: I borrowed a library-CD edition of Casino Royale from Blackstone Audio, Inc. Casino Royale is the first book to be featured in lithousewife's campaign, Shaken, Not Stirred, a Simon Vance Audiobook Challenge featuring James Bond. Join lithousewife in listening to one or all of the James Bond novels as narrated by Simon Vance and, in watching the movies! There are giveaways and fun to be had!

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  1. Oh, are they all that short? I can DEFINITELY fit them in, then. I wanted to participate, but was worried. Now to find out if my library has them...