Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Skool "Infographic": Bond Novels 08-14

It seems like everyone likes a sexy, eye-catching Infographic these days and I'm no exception. Last week, while I was trying to work through a workflow problem, I thought being able to create an Infographic would be really cool way to help me organize my thoughts. But I was watching playoff games on television and was disinclined to not watch - which is what I would had to have done in order to focus on dnloading the right-for-me program, learn it and experiment with it before finally ending up with the product I wanted. Instead, I got out a batch of mini-Post-It notes and produced a chart of approximately 75 scribblings. This is what resulted by halftime of the first game:

Interestingly, the chart is still being developed as my DH adds his two cents in every once in while and now the chart is closer to 100 pieces and counting. What I discovered was that I liked being able to move the Post-It notes around and being able to see it all up on a wall. There's a flexibility and capaciousness to the whole IRL experience that I prefer over the confines of a program, however sophisticated and sexy it might be. In the past, I've drawn things out in elaborate detail on big (24" x 36") sheets of drawing paper. I once had a twelve sheet deal going for The Epic of Gilgamesh that, unfortunately, didn't make the move out West. Since I've been here, I had been moving way from the thinking-with-drawings and such; but last night, after watching Goldfinger (Shaken Not Stirred: A Simon Vance Audio Book Challenge featuring James Bond), I was checking out the next title in the Bond Novels, Quantum of Solace. QOS is a collection of nine short stories; and it turns out, figuring out what stories went with what audiobook collections and movies was not as straightforward as one might have hoped. After a quick flurry of googling, I decided to put up a quick "Old Skool Infographic" of the relationships. With this on the wall, I then created the blog post, FYI: Quantum of Solace. The "Old Skool Infographic" isn't sexy. In fact, it's just another way to outline material; but I like it :-)

Okay, the New York Giants are playing the SanFrancisco 49ers and halftime is over. See you later :-)

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  1. Never mind that I asked. I like the original post better. It's not as confusing. :)