Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's in a Name Challenge #4

Every year, right about October 15th and continuing to the end of the year, I sink into a vortex of panic and guilt over the challenges I've committed to but did not complete. I start buckling down and reading the books in order to complete the challenges, but there's no joy in it. So I said I wasn't going to do it/any next year. And then Beth Fish Reads announced the What's in a Name Challenge #4 and I clicked on the link and I couldn't resist!

I have moderately a sized TBR stack and a listening queue that only seems to grow and I'd really like to make a dent in either/both. To that end, I decided to participate in the What's in a Name Challenge #4 using titles that I already had on hand. Looking at the newly arranged stacks though, I realized I still needed a creative and interesting approach to the challenge.

With some Thanksgiving Weekend introspection aided by an inexpensive bottle of Viognier*, I decided to create audio-print-video entries wherever possible. For instance, for the Numbers category I could read 1421 (by Gavin Menzies) watch 1421 (the PBS documentary based in the book) and then go on to listen to 1434 (by Gavin Menzies; narrated by Simon Vance.) Some of the categories won't be that neat; but the fun is in the trying!

Besides being fun, and helping to clear my bookshelves and queues, the challenge also enables me to expand my blog beyond just posting audiobook reviews. Sometimes it's days or even weeks before I can post audiobook reviews and the challenge will allow me to ramp up my blog without getting meme-y or abandoning the audiobook core of the blog.


* Oh, by the way, drunk blogging. Don't try this at home, kids! The dangers of writing a rambling, heartfelt, badly misspelled and grammatically atrocious post about blogging, identity, audiobooks, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and babies is apparently very high!

An excerpt from last night's attempt at "Drink Bloggin, nono DRUNK BLOGGING"
"... If you were with me write now, you would be heariung mr ME speak hyper-articulately becuase I'm always afraid thet people will know I'm frunk If i dint make the effort. but my typing skills are another matter. I do NOT typer better when I'm drunk...
Also, I'm doing a challenge. I know I tweeted somewherre that I wasn't gonna becuase I got cuaght up in a guilt think and feeling bad somewhere around Octov er 15 of ever year becuase I was crshing on books that I didn't even feel like reading anymore. No joy. BUt this one sounds like fun. It's the What's in a Nme Challenge #4. I 'm gonna read a book with a NUMBeR in it, a book with EVILO in the tite, a title with SIZE in it, a boom with a germ/jewlry in the title, a book with TRAVL?MOVEMENT in the title and a book with a LIFE STAGE IN THE TITLE. TO MAKE THIS challenge unique or creative form my end, I'm gonna combine audio and print titles for each title, Maybe more...."

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