Monday, June 11, 2012

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My hands hurt. More specifically, my wrists, with radiating pains up my forearms. Years of gaming followed by years of working in ergonomically poor conditions at a computer job have left me with chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. It flares up maybe once or twice a year when I've spent way too much time at the studio console and then at various computer keyboards. That's what I did this past week and its an occupational hazard that is not covered by OSHA, so many businesses do not accommodate it. There are friends and co-workers of mine in the past who have had surgery done to ameliorate the pain; but it's effectiveness appears to me temporary so I am hesitant to go there. In the meantime, I resort to using Ice Patches and a wrist band!

I used to literally plunge my hands into ice baths; but then I came across these ice patches at the drug store and inspiration struck! I cut the patches into thirds, apply one strip to the top of my wrist, a second strip to the bottom of my wrist (creating a sort of broken bracelet) and then don the wrist splint/band. Repeat for the other hand. I then do this odd little exercise wherein I press my finger tips together, leaving space between my hands and bend my wrists. I don't know what's really happening, but it feels like I'm stretching out the inflamed nerve ends and  it feels really good!

Anyway, this solution enables me to work for hours, pain free. But I'm not pushing my luck tonight. I've got another week of studio and keyboard time ahead of me so I will keep this post short :-)

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